Pike, Perch, Dutch and Salmon

Land locked salmon from the shore - Magic Minnow Flax:
Last week Daniel Nilsson – one of our Swedish Kinetic / Fairpoint Outdoors sales representatives had combined a sales meeting with some fishing in the large Swedish lake, Vättern. 

Costumers Carl Schander and Martin Danielsson from the shop “Böjda Spön” were going to test some of the Magic Minnow lures on the land locked salmon found in the large lake. The first day they were fishing from boat casting with Magic Minnow D360° in-line lures near the rocky shore. A couple of smaller salmon were caught and two others, including a really large one, were lost. All of this during just one and a half hour of fishing.

                        Daniel Nilsson - char on Magic Minnow D360

The second day big waves made boat fishing to risky and the guys went casting from the rocks. Daniel was using a D360° while Martin picked a 20g Magic Minnow Flax in “Burned Jewelry” color. 

Martin was first to hook up, and as while he was leaning into a big fish, Daniel was able to both hook and land one of the lakes beautiful char. There was no doubt that Martins fish was something extraordinary,
and luckily Carl was ready to assist in landing the monster. As expected it was a beautiful salmon – all chrome with dark spots. 

12_ude_med_snoren114   12_ude_med_snoren113
     Martin Danielsson_8,1 kg land locked salmon on Magic Minnow Flax                                         Martin Danielsson releasing his salmon

By carefully weighing the salmon and the landing net, the weight of the salmon could be calculated to 8.1 kilo – truly a remarkable catch!

                                            Magic Minnow - D360

                         Magic Minnow Flax - Burned Jewellery

The large salmon was gently released back into the lake after a few photos, and before the day was over another but smaller char a small salmon were also caught on the Magic Minnow lures.

Excellent perch fishing on new Westin jigs:
On a couple of boat sessions Peter Kirkby from Kinetic and his friends had some excellent perch fishing, while testing Edge rods and Westin jigs. 

12_ude_med_snoren118   12_ude_med_snoren121
                  Peter Kirkby - perch - 1250g - 42cm - Westin RoundUp                                                                   Westin RoundUp

Several perch over one kilo were caught and the two biggest both balanced the scale at 1375 g. The length measures were 43 and 45 cm.

12_ude_med_snoren119  12_ude_med_snoren120
         Peter Rasmussen - perch - 1375g - 45cm - Westin PaddleTeez                                              Westin PaddleTeez - Confused Tomato

During the latest trip a Westin PaddleTeez in Confused Tomato color accounted for the 45 cm fish while vertical jigging. 

12_ude_med_snoren122   12_ude_med_snoren135
                              Big perch on Westin PaddleTeez                                                                                          Westin TwinTeez - Baitfish

Also the new Westin TwinTeez proved to be deadly when shortened down and fished on a drop shot rig.

Huge pikes on Westin Lures
Joakim Eriksson and Christer Lindström are two Swedish pike specialists catching a lot of big pikes every year. Some of the latest catches on Westin lures by the two skilled pike anglers are a couple of fish
weighing in at almost the same weight. 

12_ude_med_snoren123                      12_ude_med_snoren125
     Christer Lindstroem - pike, 11,47 kg on                             Joakim Eriksson - pike, 11,38 kg on Westin Platypus 19cm
                       Westin Jätte 19cm

Using a Parrot Special colored 19 cm Westin Platypus, Joakim caught a 11.38 kg pike. Christer matched this fish by catching a pike weighing 11.47 kg. 

                                            Westin Jätte - Eelpout


                                   Westin Platypus - Parrot Special

Both Joakims and Christers fish were caught while trolling at 1.5 knot. Christer was using a 19 cm Westin Jätte (Eelpout color) to catch his fish.

Young angler with big Westin lures and a huge pike
The 23 cm version of Westin Jätte is a perfect big-predator-lure for trolling and targeting huge pike. 

                           Home made EKG color

A home-painted Westin Jätte was part of the lure selection when Swedish Ola Nilsson, his friend Mattias Jönsson and the nephew of Mattias – 10 year old Gustav Nilsson – went trolling for huge pikes during the last part of November. 

Since the water was cold, the tactic of the day was to use line mounted side planners to spread out the lures and to fish at a slow speed close to 1.0 knots. The first huge pike of the day was caught by Ola who landed a beautiful 10.1 kg fish. This fish was tricked by a large plastic lure. 

12_ude_med_snoren131    12_ude_med_snoren132
                   Gustav Nilsson - pike, 11,54 - 117cm - Westin Jätte                                         Gustav Nilsson - pike, 11,54 - 117cm - Westin Jätte

Only 30 minutes later it was time for the Westin lure fished on Gustav’s rod to prove its worth. A huge pike had attacked the lure and Gustav was in for the fight of his life!

It was hard but Gustav managed to wrestle the fish to the boat and soon after he was posing with a pike that seemed gigantic compared to his own size. The impressive measures were 11.54 kg and 117 cm.

   Gustav Nilsson - pike, 11,54 - 117cm - Westin Jätte - released pike

A big fish like this represents the top of the food chain and as a gesture Gustav released the fish unharmed back into the lake.


The homemade color used on the 23 cm Westin lure is called EKG by Ola Nilsson and his friends. The best resembling production color will be the Emo color – a new color for the 23 cm Westin Jätte in 2013. 

Big Dutch zanders in mid water
Vertical jigging for huge zanders in mid water is a method that has revolutionized zanderfishing in Sweden. In numbers traditional vertical jigging near – and on ­– the bottom can be just as productive,
but once the zanders are pinpointed and targeted in mid water the average size is remarkably bigger.

Besides testing new tackle one of the main purposes, when Westin consultants Luc Coppens and Jörgens Larsson meet up for four days of fishing in Holland, was to test the Swedish methods in Dutch waters.

Due to a passing storm the first two days became more like one day of fishing in a larger river. The river is known for having short periods every year when large zanders are caught by traditional vertical jigging
close to bottom structures. 

                      Joergen - 89 cm, 7,02 kg - biggest of the trip

In total Luc and Jörgen caught around 30 zanders but the big ones didn’t cooperate and the sizes was from one kg to around three kg / 65 cm. The new 6” / 15.3 cm Westin TwinTeez mounted on 20 g Westin RoundUp jigheads worked really well in several different colors including Striped Lime, Striped Emergency, Slime, Baitfish and Old Gold.

For the remaining two days Luc and Jörgen were fishing a large lake, trying to find bigger zanders with pelagic hunting habits in mid water. They found the zanders hunting in the top part of the water column at 3 to 10 meters in areas that were 20-30 meters deep. Huge 8” / 20.4 cm Westin TwinTeez mounted on a 30 g Westin RoundUp jighead proved deadly. 

                                  Luc - 76 cm - Confused Tomato

Several colors caught fish, but most of the takes were cautious until testing the Confused Tomato color and including one of the glass rattles found in the package. When using this combination the zanders got
turned on and the bites were really aggressive. In total Luc and Jörgen caught 13 zanders in mid water. 

                                    Joergen - 82 cm - Old Gold

The size of them was impressive. Ten fish were above 74 cm and the biggest measured 89 cm and 7.02 kg.

Testing the method in Luc Coppens home waters was an eye opening experience. According to him the average size of the zanders made it some of the best quality-fishing he had experienced in these
waters during the last ten years!

Marketing Coordinator, Peter Kirkby
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November fisk

Næstsidste novemberdag – Limfjorden ved Mors

Vinden var perfekt til stedet med fluestangen i dag. Selv om det var noget under normal vandstand, troede jeg på fisk! Efter et stykke tids fiskeri var jeg lige ved at tro, at jeg var blevet en ”tøsedreng”, meeeen det var jo trods alt næstsidste dag i november og kulden var da godt på vej. Og ikke mindst den våde line gennem fingrene gjorde sit til det og bed noget ind imellem. 

Trods den lave vandstand fiskede jeg stort set langs med stranden det meste af tiden. Første pulsstigning kom med en fisk, der fulgte fluen fra den landede og næsten hele vejen ind. Jeg kunne følge den accelererende bølge bag fluen, der desværre drejede af uden kontakt. Næste kast fulgte den igen dog knap så længe som sidst! Jamen så var der jo også fisk! 


Der skulle ikke gå længe, før den sad der rigtig! En fin havørred. Under målet og næsten blank. Så tæt på land og de næste skulle vise sig at være endnu tættere på! Jeg var godt kendt med stedet og vidste, at selv om det var tæt på land, kunne stedet sagtens holde på fisk, for der var gode huller ved nogle af stenene i vandkanten. Således gav dette ”hul” hele tre fisk. Den ene var ret farvet og omkring de 45 cm. Farvede fisk kunne godt være noget ”træge i det”, men denne gav en fin fight i disciplinen spring over vand! 


Madpakken skulle også nydes. Det var nu koldt, at sidde på tangen og fingrene var våde. Så var det igen at tanken omkring ordet ”tøsedreng” dukkede op. Nej det kunne ikke passe! Jeg rejste mig, sundede mig og tog igen fluestangen i hånden. Ja, sneg mig nærmest ud i vandet for ikke at skræmme eventuelle fisk. For at kunne komme til at fiske langs med land. 

Rykkede en del line af hjulet og kastet blev så langt, at alt i linekurven røg ud. Det vil sige at linen var helt strakt og jeg nåede end ikke at tage det første træk, før det skete! Denne fisk var ikke i tvivl om hvor vidt, den ville have fluen eller ej! Forbløffet fik jeg hurtigt kontrol over situationen og bagefter var jeg benovet over at få lov til at være der og opleve det! Fantastisk! Det blev til flere fisk samme sted. Igen med den velkendte bølge bag fluen, hvor man hele tiden ventede på hugget og en følelse svær at beskrive. Visuel spænding af højeste karat! 


Afsluttede med endnu en fisk i lavt blankt vand. Da linen landede afsløredes det, at den ikke var alene. Flere fisk hvirvlede rundt til begge sider. Endnu en farvet fisk midt i fyrrene havde hugget på min ”Pink Princess”. 

En vidunderlig dag sluttede med denne fisk, der selvfølgelig, som alle de andre forhåbentlig svømmer endnu! På intet tidspunkt så jeg liv i form af frie springende fisk. Der var stadig småkravl i form af tanglopper helt inde i det lave vand.

De medsendte foto viser fisk fra sidste og forrige tur.


Endelig et stemningsbillede igen fra en tidligere tur i november.

Fiske hilsen
Susanne Worm

Halibut and Salmon 

Danish salmon on Delfin Lure

At the small Danish river Storaaen the season ends on October 15th. There’s a catch limit to the number of salmon every year and once the limit has been caught only sea trout fishing and catch and release on salmon is allowed.

Thursday last week Danish salmon and trout expert Thomas Mosgaard was at the river to do some trout and salmon fishing. At first the fishing was slow, but around noon Thomas decided to try out a Delfin Stikling lure.

Within 15 minutes he caught and released the first salmon measuring 64 cm and then a larger male measuring 87 cm. The 87 cm fish delivered a fantastic fight and Thomas was sprayed in mud, when he managed to land it.

Three weeks ago Thomas damaged his arm and after catching a smaller sea trout, he wasn’t able to do more spinfishing. Instead he baited up with worms on a barbless circle hook and used this method for the rest of the day. After moving to another part of the river he ended his session by catching a couple of impressive salmon measuring 97 and 100 cm and a small salmon he didn’t meassure.

All fishes this day were caught using a Kinetic rod, Viva reel and Rio Powerflex Braid .

 96 cm Salmon on kinetic gear:
Thomas Mosgaard releasing a large female salmon measuring 96 cm.

87 cm Delfin Stikling:
This 87 cm salmon took a Delfin Stikling lure and Thomas Mosgaard was covered in mud before it surrendered.

Lots of big halibuts on Magic Minnow jigs and rigs

At Nordic Sea Anglings (NSA’s) camps in Norway this seasons bookings is now over, but actually the fishing seems to be as good as it gets. Last week NSA owner Jimmy Andersson was visiting Havøysund. Whenhe arrived at the camp the first evening he couldn’t stand the temptation of testing a sample of the new Magic Minnow Crazy Daizy jig at a spot five minutes boat ride away from the camp. His first choice was the new rainbow color and it didn’t take more than 20 seconds before this jig delivered the goods. It wasn’t the biggest halibut in his career, but still a great start.

Jimmy was testing four different colors of the Crazy Daisy jig and for the following days all of them were catching halibuts. The weeks fishing peaked on the last day as Jimmy was fishing with camp manager Ulf Hugsén. This day the two of them caught eight halibuts in total. The biggest measured 143 cm and was caught on a combination of the head from a blue glamour colored Crazy Daisy with a rainbow colored body.

According to Jimmy the new Crazy Daisy jigs are really hot: “They have proved to be real halibut killers and I’m expecting a lot of big halibuts to be caught on Crazy Daisy’s as they become available next year”.

At the NSA camp at Nappstraumen the halibut fishing is also peaking. Right now camp manager Fredrik Schmiterlöw is fishing with his father and a friend and the fishing is extremely good. When we talked to them yesterday they were fishing with deadbait on Magic Minnow Halibut Anti Twist Rigs. The fishing was absolutely crazy with halibuts measuring 115, 118, 124, 127, 150, 170 and 175 cm being caught and released. 

The fishing took place only a few minutes boat ride from the camp and all three anglers had a new personal best halibut during the day. During the last week other big halibuts were caught by the three anglers and Fredrik had plenty of opportunity to test an Edge speed Jigging rod with a TiCA Talisman fixedspool reel that worked perfect for fish measuring 143, 150 and 170 cm.

In many ways sea anglers do not realize the full potential of the Norwegian sea fishing during the last part of the season. Despite what most sea anglers expect October is an excellent time of year for halibut fishing and hopefully bookings at this time of year will be more popular in the future, as people realize just how good the fishing can be.

2012-10-08 143cm_low_res:
The new Crazy Daisy jig in action as a 143 cm halibut is forced to the surface

175 cm on halibut anti twist rig low_res:
The father of NSA guide Fredrik Schmiterlöw caught this 175 cm halibut using dead bait and a Magic Minnow Halibut Anti Twist Rig.

2012-10-08 Ulf Hugsén 143cm _low_res:
Ulf Hugsén caught this nice 143 cm halibut using the new Crazy Daisy jig from Magic Minnow.

Marketing Coordinator, Peter Kirkby

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Gedder i Blekinge - Rene gerken

De sidste 5 år har jeg fisket efter de brakke gedder i Blekinge. 

Dette fiskeri minder meget om vores hjemlige fiskeri efter havørred, dog er der til tider fangstgaranti på hver enkelt plads, og der er chancer for at få en fisk over 100 cm. Man kan fisker efter dem på mange forskellige måder, men for mig er vadefiskeri efter disse rovfisk med fluen det sjoveste. 

Grejet er ikke helt det samme, som efter havørred. Stangen kan være #7-8-9 stang med en god geddeline til, som kan bære de store fluer, som kan veje alt mellem 1-4 g, og kan være helt op til 25-30 lange. For at vende denne store flue, er forfanget også meget vigtig, her bruger jeg ca. 1 m 0.60-0.70 og ca 30 cm wire, som skal være en coated wire, eller Hard Mono, som man kan binde knuder på. 

Nogen siger at gedder tager alt hvad der kommer forbi dem. Dette er også til dels rigtig, men med høj fiskepres, klart vand og sol, så kan de være meget svære at få i tale. Her syntes jeg at det hjælper, at bruge mindre fluer og forfang som ikke har en stor synlighed i vandet. Farverne på fluerne variere med hensyn til vejret. Blå og sølv er godt til solrige dage, samt grøn, kobber og sort er gode til overskyede dage. 

Temperaturen i vandet har også noget at sige. Hvis vandet er varmt, bruger jeg altid en synkeline, til at strippe hurtigt lige over bunden. Når vandet er koldt, bruger jeg altid en flydeline, da jeg kan fiske fluen langsommere end, med en synkeline. Mange gange lade jeg også fluen synke, da strippet efter ofte giver et hug, så her er det altså tale om at fluen bevæger sig op og ned i vandet. Min erfaring er at gedderne er mest aktive fra om morgenen til tidlig eftermiddag, men jeg har også prøvet, hvor det er den store gedde, som tager lige inden det bliver mørkt. 


Jeg har læst mange steder at det er overskyet vejr, samt vind og regn der er de bedste forhold til geddefiskeriet, og det holder også stik, men jeg har nu flere gange oplevet at have solen i rykken, og set gedderne 10 m. ude tage fluen, og det har både været store og små gedder, så dette fiskeri er samtidigt også meget visuelt. 

Når du har fanget en gedde, er der ofte flere på pladsen, så det er bare med at få fluen ud igen, da chancerne for en stor fisk er til stede. Tænk samtidigt at fiskene kommer ikke til dig, du skal flytte på dig, så det er dig, som finder gedderne.

Jeg søger altid vige, når der skal fiskes gedder, men det sker at vigene er så mudret at man synker for meget i, så her jeg ofte haft fantastisk fisk på spidserne, hvor bunden ligner det hjemlige kystfiskeri, med blæretang og større sten. 

Man skal altid huske at fiske tæt på stenene, da gedderne ofte står tæt på dem. Hvert år bruge jeg to dage på at fiske de gamle pladser, og resten af tiden, prøver jeg at søge nye pladser. Her bruger jeg min GPS, eller Google Earth, som er gode, når de mindste vige skal findes.

I år var jeg igen i Blekinge, og jeg havde 3 med, som aldrig havde fanget en gedde før på flue. Det tog dem begge max. 10 min, før de havde fanget deres første gedde, og de var fuldstændig oppe at køre, og faktisk har de været ude at fiske gedder en del gange siden hjemkomsten. 

Så selvom gedderne ikke giver den længste fight, er den altid hektisk og hugget kan til tider være meget voldsom. Det er ofte fisk over 65 cm, og der er chancerne for at få gedder over 100 cm gode.

Hvis du ikke har prøvet at fiske gedder før, så vil jeg opfordre dig til at prøve det, da det ofte giver flex på klingen, og det er et godt alternativ når havørred og laksefiskeriet står stille, og en tur til Sverige kan gøres for få penge.

Hvis du har spørgsmål til geddefiskeriet i Blekinge, er du meget velkommen til at skrive til mig. Denne e-mail adresse bliver beskyttet mod spambots. Du skal have JavaScript aktiveret for at vise den.

Vi ses, René Gerken


Når det hele går i fisk - kysten lige nu

Et sted omkring Thisted og Mors i Limfjorden

Fra min gode ven Steffen Winblad, har jeg lånt følgende dejlige billeder fra kysten

Hej Steffen - gode ven - 1000 tak for lån af billeder. Håber snart at vores planer falder i hak, så vi atter fisker laks sammen i Norge - savner ud over dit altid humørspredende ydre, dine super gode fiskefrikadeller med en god Porse Guld til......!

Finn Nielsen
Lystfiskeri-liv.dk og Dansk Laksefiskeri.dk 

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