Foxy-Tails - Foxy Team Flytyer Steven Osborne

Steven Osborne (OZ) Flies - Volume 1

Foto og text: Steven Osborne


My version of Mikael Frodin's 'The Witch'.


Bioshock v2 is a revisit of an earlier tying of this pattern. Now with high mobility Tanuki Finn Raccoon and FutureFly soft hackles and a metallic green 8mm turbo cone.
Together with Johan BertilssonJanusz PaniczPeter Ohlsson og Brian Peter Størup.


My latest Salmon fly. The Thunder Spey is one of my favourite patterns - it just seems to ooze salmon catcher.


My new Salmon fly inspired by the Aztec's love of gold.


Just had to do something in firery red using the metallic red FutureFly Hybrid Cones. 
Together with: Janusz PaniczBrian Peter StørupJohan Bertilsson,Peter Ohlsson og Rafal Kaminski.


Together with: Brian Peter Størup og Julia Contaldi.


A new version of my Viper tied with Coypu, Cashmere Goat and Marble Fox from Foxy-Tails with Pink Grizzle Soft Hackles and Magenta Pink 6mm UFO Disc from FutureFly.
Together with: Brian Peter Størup og Sue Billows.


Latest salmon fly from Foxy-Tails Team Member 'Oz'.
These Compact-13R Bottle Tube based shrimps are tied with Coypu/Nutria pelt (natural) which is available through Foxy-Tails here

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