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FISHING REPORTS - August 03, 2017



Rainbow Alley is still fishing well. With the hot weather there has been a great stonefly hatch!

Meziadin Lake is producing pretty good for sockeye! Most people were catching their limit, although time definitely had to be put in. We had a mix of some beautiful chromies and some pretty red ones when we went up on the weekend. 

Reminder that the sockeye fishery on the whole Skeena watershed (that includes Babine) is closed. Please check regs and DFO notices before fishing!




Bluebirds!!  That's what it's been out on the coast the past week.  It got a little windy this weekend but other than that it's been great weather, which usually translates into great fishing opportunities. Coho are around in numbers out on the coast right now and most fishermen are having no problem filling their limits. The odd chinook is still around and we are seeing a few of them mixed in with all the coho.  Cutter Rocks and Squatarie have been very productive over the past week. We've also had reports that Indian Head at the mouth of the Work Channel has been very good when trolling a cut plug herring. 

Out of Kitimat, we have seen very good coho fishing at Money Point and Turtle Point. We have seen coho being caught all the way up and down the channel.  When fishing the Douglas, stick with an anchovy or smaller spoon.  There are a lot of needlefish and anchovy in the Douglas so matching the baitfish that are around is important. 

Halibut and rockfish opportunities continue to be good. This good weather is making it easy to get out to the halibut grounds. It also makes it possible to get off shore and find those pinnacles that are holding the big lings. 

This is a really great time of year to get kids on the water. The weather is generally good and the coho are plentiful. If you have some kids that might be interested in catching fish, now is the time.  It's an amazing experience when you see a kid tie into a coho that they can reel in themselves. 

We will be out fishing all next week so will be taking a week off from the report. If you need any gear for your next trip, head down to Oscars and they can set you up with any gear you might need for your next trip. 

until next time........tight lines!


Closure reminder: 

Recreational chinook salmon fishing in the Nass River watershed is closed

effective July 28, 2017 until further notice.



Chinook fishing has slowed down a bit from the first week, but is still doing ok. A few Pinks are starting to show up; these are a great fish to start young kids on! Cast out some little pink Crocs, or pink spinners and have some fun!

A handful of Steelhead have also entered the system and we are looking forward to fighting some of these guys!

Weather has been hot and beautiful! Reminder: Bait ban in effect.



Closed for Chinook fishing. No reports of Coho or Pinks yet, but they should be soon!



River is looking great for both clarity and levels. Still some `late` Chinook coming through. Chums and Pinks being caught and a few Coho starting to show up. With the hot weather pounding down on us, the best fishing is early in the morning or later in the evening.



Closed for Chinook fishing from Hwy 37 Bridge at Kitwanga to Mill Creek. (check the regs and DFO notices!)

River is in excellent shape, nice and green, and still holding a nice volume. Fishing has been a bit quieter but the fish are around. Not many big Chinooks, but lots of `jacks being caught. Coho are moving in, pinks are getting caught, and the steelhead fishing is starting to pick up. Grab a beverage and your gear and get fishing!