Canada - British Columbia - Steelhead med mere - del 12


FISHING REPORTS - September 14, 2017


As of September 15th the Sockeye fishing is closed on Babine Lake. Local lakes have been doing quite well. Some nice trout and char being caught lately. Dennis Lake was a fun one for some this past week. The little Fulton that comes out of Chapman is also a fun place to fish. Easily accessible from the road and it has some beauty rainbows!


Residents of the guiding lodges have been doing quite well fishing for Steelhead this past week.  On the top part guys were catching quite a few salmon but not many Steelhead.


We got hammered with rain on the weekend and the Bulkley came up almost a full meter and was a raging torrent of mud! The Bulkley is starting to clear now, with about 1 foot visibility below the Telkwa and a bit more above the Telkwa. Weather forecast is good and the river should be in good shape by the weekend! Morice is still high but much the same as the Bulkley… cleaning quickly.


This river has been busy because it was the only one fishable! It did get a bump of almost 1 m but the increase of water has been good and the river looks good now.


Skeena is currently high and dirty. It came up a meter and a half with all the dirty tributaries dumping water in. Some guys are fishing, but it is pretty dirty. Reminder that as of September 15th, sockeye fishing is closed.

Picture taken before the rains.... 7 months pregnant and still fishing!


River is almost back to the level it was before the rains. The water came up 4 m on the 11th! Wow! But fishing is back on and most people are getting into some nice Coho.

Obviously taken after the rains.... not a good trip!