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FISHING REPORTS - September 21, 2017


Fall is a great time to hit up the local lakes and catch some nice trout or char as they fatten up before the winter freeze. Stop by the store to check out our great selection of lake gear.


A few reports of Steelhead being caught by the bridge on the upper end.


Bulkley is high but color is nice-not too clear, but not too dirty! This past week has been the best week of the year so far. Steelhead and Coho fishing has definitely improved. Morice is still pretty high and fishing is slow.





Water level and clarity are super great, but the fishing has been less than desirable. Hopefully the run is just late this year…. River is pretty busy with fisherman


River has been continually dropping the last couple days. Now is the time to get Coho fishing! Check out for daily updates and photos of some beautiful Coho!


Visibility is good, fishing has been hit and miss. A few Coho and a few Steelhead being caught. Copper River is looking great, which is fairly unusual, so some anglers are heading up that way for some fun



When fishing is slow, or rivers are blown-out.... fly-tying at Oscar's is a must!

Oscars - Smithers