Canada - British Columbia - Steelhead med mere - del 15


FISHING REPORTS - October 11, 2017


Rivers are in awesome shape right now! Fishing has improved over the last week or two, but there are still less fish around than previous years. Bulkley is fishing ok, and the Morice is doing quite well.


River is in great shape; nice water level and good clarity. Steelheading has been really tough. Very few fish to be had.


Skeena is continuing to drop every day and is looking good now. The Middle Skeena has been fishing quite well, but again, less fish around this season so it has been tougher. Still quite a few Coho around as well! Copper is fishing ok as well.


River is dropping and clearing and is just getting good! A few Coho caught even in the murky waters, but it should pick up now that the waters are clearing. We are nearing the end of the Coho season and the fish are definitely starting to change color; fewer silvers.



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