Canada - British Columbia - Steelhead med mere - del 16


FISHING REPORTS - October 19, 2017


The Bulkley has come up a bit and is slightly coloured, but considering the amount of rain we had we are lucky! All the precipitation that came as snow in the mountains have saved the rivers in the valleys! Fishing has been more consistent this past week and most fishermen are doing ok. The Morice was fishing good but now has come up and is a bit dirty, but still fishing ok


The Kispiox is in wonderful shape! Fishing has been good-catching has been terrible! Very, very few steelhead around.


The rain has been hitting the Skeena pretty hard, water has come up and the river has less than 12” visibility. On the weekend, prior to the murky water, Steelheading was booming. Fish are coming into the system and there were lots of great reports! Still fish being caught in the dirty water, but it is tougher. Hopefully it cleans up soon! Otherwise head to the tribs and catch those fish that are moving in!


Blownout-High and dirty! Still lots of Coho in the system, although most are pretty coloured.  Keep an eye out on the water levels (  because if the water drops and cleans there could be a couple more days of Coho fishing left before it closes on the 31st.


Snow up here! Fishing has been alright; definitely catching some.


Fall is a great time to hit up the local lakes and catch some nice trout or char as they fatten up before the winter freeze. Try Chapman Lake, Loon Lake, or drive out the Hazelton and try Ross or Seeley Lake. Stop by the store to check out our great selection of lake ge