Blackwater Lodge Newsletter - June 20, 2011

Best Day of the Season & Third Best Fish - June 19th.

 On Sunday, June 19, we yet again recorded the Best Day of the Season so far. 

 It was remarkable as the river had only just come back into order after the last small dirty flood. 

 Even more remarkable was the fact that all the fish fell to just three rods on one beat on the upper river.

 Mick Kennedy & Billy Jewitt fished Beat 8 - Bridgetown Priory & landed four fish in the morning & another in the early afternoon. 

 Billy had 2 grilse on spinner to 6lb. and Mick had two on spinner & one on fly - best 13.3lb (see left)
 which was the Third Best Fish so far this Season.

 They were joined in the evening by Kieran Conlon who had a magic half hour that evening. He landed three fish - all with long-tailed sea-lice - a grilse of 4lb. & two 10 pounders - all on the fly.

 He went to the Lodge's top beat 28 miles upriver today & released two more fish of 6 & 7lb. on fly

 Mick was fishing Beat 9 a little further upriver today. He lost the biggest fish he'd ever hooked - reckoned to be well into the twenties of pounds - on spinner.


A band of heavy showers swept across the middle to lower catchment  today (20th.). 
6mm rain fell in Ballyduff.  Some more rain tomorrow & then dry 'til Friday.

The upper & lower river were both falling steadily yesterday & for most of today. 
The upper river came into good order on Sunday with clarity 2-3 feet.  Late on Monday evening it rose a few centimetres.
The lower river was very peaty with visibility only about 1 foot on Sunday but improved to 2-2½ feet on Monday. 

Superb Prospects!
The river should be in perfect order for the rest of the week, as there is little or no rain forecast 
and the rise is only small & clear.
It is extremely encouraging to see such good quality sea-liced fish running right through to the upper beats.

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