Best Day & Best Fish all in one Weekend!

 Blackwater Lodge Newsletter - May 9

The river settled somewhat over last weekend in spite of 10mm rain falling in the lower catchment early on Monday morning. There is more rain forecast for tomorrow (Thursday).


A party of 4 Norwegians started fishing on Monday. The first day they hooked 6 & landed & released just one of 5lb. (see above).Yesterday, they released another 5lb & lost a double figure fish.All the fish were met on fly.Best Day of the Season - May 5

On May 5 – there was another good flood just fining off on the river. As expected the river came into excellent order. The gauge at Ballyduff was on 0.58m in the morning & only fell very slowly during the day to 0.55m at dusk. The clarity was a good three feet on the lower river. The upper river also dropped only very slowly but fined off very well with clarity around 4 feet. There were a number of reports of fish moving on the upper river - albeit somewhat sporadically.

It turned out to be the Best Day of the 2012 Season so far….!Four fish were caught in total for the day by just nine rods fishing and there were 2 fish lost at the net. Three fish fish came from the upper river - 2 on spinner & 2 on the fly - of which 2 were released. Two were extremely fresh (sea-lice just fallen off) & one had been in for 1/2 weeks.  

There was one very fresh fish caught on spinner on the lower river.


Best Fish of the Season - May 6

On May 6 the Biggest Fish of the Season so Far was caught– a 14.2lb on fly from the lower river just a mile above the Lodge (above). A 10.4lb. on spinner was also caught the same day from our very top beat 45km upriver.

Catch totals to date:  
February - 5, March - 4, April - 8 & May 8 to the 8th.

ProspectsAfter several weeks of high water (since April 18), we can expect some fantastic sport as soon as the conditions settle.Expect the upper river to start seriously fishing from now on, especially as the May run gets under way.

AvailabilityThere is no problem at the moment for availability for fishing and accommodation in the coming weeks.

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