Spring steelhead arrive in March - Kitimat Lodge

Spring steelhead arrive in March and when they enter the river they are hot to catch on the fly. We drift from pool to pool in 1-2 person rafts in search of the migrating grey ghost.

We recommend a 7 or 8wt single handed or switch rod with a 400-500grain line. Sink tips we recommend 10ft of T14 or Rio multi tip systems for different depths and a proper reel with lots of backing (and a good drag system).

The Kitimat Steelhead like the shallow fast water and you can see them chasing your fly which makes for exciting fishing.
From beginner to seasoned fly anglers we make Kitimat our home river and very convenient for the Kitimat Lodge guests. Having our lodge located near the river is what draws Steelhead anglers to Kitimat.

Our local guides are born and raised on the river and can locate the elusive Steelhead while your take one of our many Steelhead tours.

Take the challenge and book for the month of April. www.kitimatlodge.com

Billedet indeholder sandsynligvis: 1 person, står, friluftsliv og vand